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About Me

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi - 

I enjoy the adventure, the path unknown, and the pursuit of possibility. It is in the taking of unscripted steps that I think creativity abounds, and it is my desire to help people tap into their own fonts of adventure . . . to find the possible and bring it to light. This is how I seek to change the world. 
Experience-wise, I've made a lot out of the little time I've been on this planet . . .
  • Educator - 14 years as a middle school teacher.
  • Guide - helped future teachers on their path to changing the world.
  • Writer - created a children's book series, edited novels, and crafted a rule book for a game company.
  • Facilitator - change-maker for a local non-profit and small business owners.
And what I'm doing today? I'm bringing all these experiences together to help your creative vision and your company goals by breaking through the barriers that are keeping you from your next step - and then asking you . .  . "what's next?" 


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